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The Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine collaborates with some of the world’s top experts in stem cell research. To arrange interviews with OIRM members or seek background information for a story, please contact:
Lisa Willemse
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OIRM Press Releases and News Articles

Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine welcomes new President and Scientific Director, May 25, 2016

New Board of Directors for the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine. March 2, 2016

Ontario invests $4.5 million in regenerative medicine research for heart disease, septic shock, pediatric brain repair and spinal cord injury. December 9, 2015

Landmark Canadian paper advances knowledge to cure diabetes. October 16, 2015

Ontario welcomes next major step in transformation of health care with “Medicine by Design.” July 29, 2015

Ontario invests in better health and economic opportunity through support for OIRM. June 19, 2015

Ontario Supporting Groundbreaking Stem Cell Research. Government of Ontario, Nov 25, 2014

New Ontario Institute to Tackle Costly Diseases of Aging, MarketWired, November 25, 2014

Ontario Announces Funding for Stem Cell Institute. Globe and Mail, Nov 25, 2014