November 22 SMRTS Series - Building Success Through Networking and Interview Skills

Building Success Through Networking and Interview Skills



Dr. Guang Ying Mo


November 22, 2017 from 1:30-2:30 pm. Networking to follow.



Live:  PGCRL Research Tower, Event Room 2a/2, 686 Bay St, Toronto, Ontario.


Via webcast: (live at time of event)

Download the event poster. 

Today it's estimated that 80% of all jobs are filled via networking, the more active you are in a network the more opportunity you have to build personal connections and have future career success. This seminar will share tips and tricks on how to build your professional network both inside and outside of academia. As well as essential interview skills that will help you land that dream job. 


SMRTS is a professional development initiative between 9 national and provincial networks aimed at providing soft skills seminars to our respective trainees. Seminars will be held each month, either through a live-streamed webinar or in-person event. 


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If you are attending this workshop via the web please download this worksheet.