OIRM's Video PitchFest 2016

Your research, featured in Stem Cells, Inked!

This year, OIRM launched it’s signature series of short animated videos, called Stem Cells, Inked (if you haven’t seen them, click here!). The goal of the series is to profile the research of trainees working in OIRM’s member labs, while giving the trainees an introduction to science communications via video production.

We’re looking for video auditions from OIRM trainees, describing your research in 60 seconds or less, in lay language. Over the next year, 3 videos will be created, based on what we determine to be the most engaging, interesting and well-presented audition videos.

If your audition is selected for production, you’ll get a rare and highly coveted OIRM t-shirt, and the chance to work with our production team to write a script, develop a storyboard, record audio and video footage and advise on animation by Sciconic Media. And of course, your video will be included in the Stem Cells, Inked series (looks good on a CV), where you can share it with friends, family, colleagues, the research community and general public.

Deadline: October 31, 2016

Submission Guidelines:

1. Entries must be created by OIRM trainees and describe research conducted by OIRM member labs.

2. Your video should be no more than 60 seconds long and tell your research in your words. Be inventive, authentic and inspirational!

3. More than one person can appear in a single audition video, but please note that they must adhere to the time limit and application requirements.

4. There are two ways to submit your video:

a. Create your own, on your own time. You may edit your video or make it in one take – it’s completely up to you. These videos must be uploaded to YouTube and an accessible link shared in the application form by the audition deadline. DO NOT email your raw video file; they will not be accepted.

b. A video camera “booth” will be set up at the 2016 Till & McCulloch Meetings in Whistler (October 24-26) and sign-up sheets posted so that you can record your audition. Each recording session will be a maximum of 15 minutes long and the final recording will constitute the entry. Since these TMM auditions will be recorded by OIRM, upload to YouTube is not required. Application forms will be available at the booth but you can also download it here and the guidelines here.

5. All audition videos must be accompanied by a signed application form.

6. All auditions and applications need to be submitted by October 31, 2016 to be considered for the first round of short videos.


Auditions that are selected for production will be notified by email by the end of November 2016. Should a selected participant be unable to contribute to the production for any reason, acceptable alternatives will be sought or, if necessary, a different audition will be selected. Questions? Email lisa.willemse@oirm.ca. Good luck!