Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshop Feb 20-22, 2018


Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshop Application Deadline: December 15, 2017


This workshop is ideal for trainees who want to advance their biological knowledge and research projects through the use of human pluripotent stem cell (PSCs). Techniques covered include general culture maintenance, differentiation (specifically focused on Neural and Definitive Endoderm differentiation) as well as cell reprogramming and gene editing techniques. This workshop will focus primarily on feeder-free culture system for human PSCs.

Designed to be approximately 60% wet lab and 40% classroom seminars and discussions, by the end of the workshop trainees will be knowledgeable in consideration for PSC maintenance and differentiation as well as troubleshooting techniques. During the course of this workshop with discuss alternative culture methods such as feeder based hPSCs and 3D modeling. This workshop is intended for trainees at the early stages of PSC culture experiments and will cover both basic and advanced techniques.

Skills and techniques taught on the course;

  • Human pluripotent cells culture, passaging, colony picking and cryopreservation
  • Differentiation of hPSCs in both adherent and non-adherent conditions including spontaneous and directed differentiation techniques
  • Strategies for experimental design and considerations for alternative culture methods
  • IPSC generation and gene editing techniques

View the draft workshop agenda here.