Stem Cells 101: The Promise and Potential

Stem Cells 101 is a series of free public events hosted in four Ontario cities in spring 2016.

OIRM was pleased to host four Stem Cells 101 events in London (April 19), Hamilton (April 21), Toronto (April 26) and Ottawa (May 10). These events brought to the public an accessible explanation of what stem cells are, where stem cell research is currently and the direction that research is going. Attendees were also presented with the current landscape of stem cell therapies and what social implications are surrounding these therapies, considering things like stem cell tourism.

If you were unable to attend Stem Cells 101: The Promise and Potential below are copies of the presentations at each site for you to view. We also invite you to take a look at our "About Stem Cells" page at which may provide more insight on stem cell research and therapies. Another option is to follow our publication OIRM Expression ( as we update it monthly with information on current research within the stem cell field.

London, ON

Hamilton, ON

Toronto, ON

Ottawa, ON

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