The OIRM's primary commercialization partner is the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM). CCRM was created to accelerate the development of marketable products and cell-based therapies emerging from OIRM’s excellence in fundamental stem cell biology and bioengineering. CCRM’s mission is to create and sustain a global nexus of regenerative medicine commercialization, making Ontario a preferred destination for intellectual property, clinical trials, scientists, entrepreneurs, risk capital and company creation.  

Drs. Michael May (CEO) and Peter Zandstra (CSO and Professor, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), UofT) lead CCRM. Based on the collaborative strengths of Canadian researchers and lessons from the trenches of company creation, they have developed a best-in-class model for early-stage commercialization. The CCRM model is driven by three key strategic thrusts:

  • Enable product development and company creation by combining academic infrastructure with dedicated business diligence and technical teams working through purpose-driven translational platforms (cell reprogramming, cell manufacturing and biomaterials)
  • Integrate scientific and business expertise by creating a global network of leading organizations, scientists and corporate executives in RM
  • Engage industry through a global consortium of leading companies providing critical market pull for all major sectors of the industry

Since being established in June 2011 by the Networks of Centres of Excellence program of Canada, CCRM has:

  • Created a 40+ company industry consortium
  • Hired 33 staff and set up 8,000 square feet of product development space
  • Conducted due diligence on 120 inventions from institutional members
  • Commenced ten product development projects with industry partners aimed at out-licensing institutional intellectual property or generating new intellectual property for out-licensing
  • Bundled academic inventions around 6 new company creations, incubated at CCRM
  • Launched $1.5M Pfizer-CCRM Innovation Fund for industry-sponsored technology development
  • Launched $1.2M McEwen-CCRM Commercialization Prize for academic Proof of Principle projects
  • Led a partnership between UHN, MaRS and CCRM to operate a new GMP cell manufacturing facility in Toronto that will partner with similar centres in Canada and worldwide, and received $2M in funding from the Ontario MRI to support operations
  • Led the creation of the “Regenerative Medicine Coalition” an international consortium of RM organizations, placing Ontario at the centre of global IP sharing, standardization efforts, training and the creation of a gold standard database of companies and clinical trials in RM
  • Assembling a global network of investment funds in RM that will source opportunities through the CCRM global network