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Stem Cells in 60 Seconds- OIRM Annual Symposium 




Applications Deadline: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 (12:00 pm EST)

Our “Stem Cells in 60 Seconds” presentation will allow 10 lucky participants to present their work at the OIRM Annual Symposium on May 25th 2017. Participants will be allowed a single PowerPoint slide and 60 sec to describe their research to the audience. This pitch is a great opportunity for you to showcase your research to the OIRM community. Be creative and tell us your science story, but keep an eye on the clock, 60 sec is not long! 

This competition is limited to 10 participants; all interested participants must submit an application form. Selected participants will be informed of their successful application. 

To apply download the Application Form. 

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The incredible scientific breakthroughs in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine require investment in translating our strengths in stem cell biology and bioengineering to ensure that the highly qualified and sought after trainees emerging from our academic institutions have opportunities to stay and work in Ontario. The Ontario team has well established and internationally reputed training programs for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, technicians and others.

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Education Series

OIRM's Education Series includes a range of leading-edge topics, available live in Toronto or via webcast



Postdoctoral Fellowship Award - OIRM & Medicine by Design (MbD)- Applications are now closed

OIRM, in collaboration with Medicine by Design (MbD), is pleased to announce the 2017 Postdoctoral Fellowship competition. OIRM and MbD are seeking the very best candidates with outstanding potential to be outstanding leaders in stem cell and regenerative medicine. Awardee(s) will receive up to $50,000 (Canadian) per year for up to 3 years. Applicants must be within two years of completing their PhD and will be sponsored by an OIRM and/or MbD PI.

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2016 Awards

In 2016 OIRM awarded 9 trainees travel awards of up to $1000 towards travel to the 2016 Till & McCulloch Meetings in Whistler, BC. Congratulations to the following awardees:

  • Joohwan Kim, Betts Lab, Western University
  • Theresa Chow, Rogers Lab, Lunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute
  • Seth Mount, Davis Lab, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
  • Stephanie Beldick, Fehlings Lab, University of Toronto
  • Joshua Dierolf, Betts Lab, Western University
  • Nathalie Montwill, Khan Lab, Western University
  • Ruth Eigamal, Hess Lab, Robarts Research Institute
  • Jina Kum, Khan Lab, Western University
  • Alexandria Afonso, Szabo Lab, Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute


As well, 8 OIRM trainees received travel awards of up to $1000 to attend the ISSCR Annual Meeting in San Francisco, USA. Below is a list of the ISSCR travel award winners (** indicates trainees with podium presentations):

  • Stephanie Protze, Keller Lab, University Health Network**
  • Nafees Rahman, Zandstra Lab, University of Toronto**
  • Tammy Ryan, Ryan Lab, University of Guelph
  • Mohamad Khazaei, Fehlings Lab, University Health Network
  • Yang Li, Zuniga-Pflucker Lab, Sunnybrook Research Institute
  • Mehdi Shafa, Thebaud Lab, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Ross Fitzsimmons, Simmons Lab, University of Toronto
  • Ashkan Azimi, Morshead Lab, University of Toronto


2015 Awards

In 2015 OIRM awarded travel stipends of $250 per attendee to over 80 OIRM trainees to attend the 2015 Till & McCulloch Meetings in Toronto, Ontario. As well, 17 OIRM trainees received travel awards of up to $1000 to attend the ISSCR Annual Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden. Below is a list of the ISSCR travel award winners (** indicates trainees with podium presentations):

  • Alexander Lin, Pearson Lab, Hospital for Sick Children**
  • Stephanie Protze, Keller Lab, University Health Network
  • Tammy Ryan, Ryan Lab, University of Guelph
  • Huijuan Yang, Nagy Lab, Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute
  • Andrea Ditadi, Keller Lab, University Health Network**
  • Ursula Nosi, Cox Lab, University of Toronto
  • Hyemin (Amy) Oh, Osborne Lab, University of Toronto
  • Sakthi Devi Moorthy, Mitchell Lab, University of Toronto
  • Amy Wong, Rossant Lab, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Brian Ballios, van der Kooy Lab, University of Toronto**
  • Kathryn Cogger, Nostro Lab, University Health Network
  • Rebecca Ruddy, Morshead Lab, University of Toronto
  • Nika Shakiba, Zandstra Lab, University of Toronto
  • Miljan Kuljianin, Lajoie Lab, University of Western Ontario
  • James Hong, Fehlings Lab, University Health Network
  • Sintia Xhiku, Zúñiga Pflücker Lab, Sunnybrook Research Institute
  • Alejandro Gómez-Aristizábal, Viswanathan Lab, University Health Network