OIRM Fellowship Award - Deadline to apply January 15, 2018

OIRM Communications Committee - Deadline to apply November 30, 2017




The incredible scientific breakthroughs in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine require investment in translating our strengths in stem cell biology and bioengineering to ensure that the highly qualified and sought after trainees emerging from our academic institutions have opportunities to stay and work in Ontario. The Ontario team has well established and internationally reputed training programs for postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, technicians and others.

Professional Development


Education Series

OIRM's Education Series includes a range of leading-edge topics, available live in Toronto or via webcast



OIRM Fellowship Award - Deadline to apply January 15, 2018

OIRM is seeking the very best candidate with the outstanding potential to be independent leaders in the stem cell and regenerative medicine community. The OIRM Fellowship Award is now open to basic research trainees (PhD), as well as, health professional trainees (MD, DVM and DDS). 

This fellowship is valued at $50,000 per year for up to three years. Competition is open to both Canadian citizens and international students studying in Ontario. For more information on eligibility and how to apply visit Funding Opportunities


OIRM Communications Committee - Deadline to apply November 30, 2017

OIRM is looking to recruit 6-8 trainees to serve on the OIRM Communications Committee as OIRM Ambassadors. In a minimum one-year term, Ambassadors will engage with the public both online and in person, as well as at research events to share information about stem cells and OIRM activities. More information and applications are availabe on the OIRM Communications Committee page.



Till and McCulloch Meeting- Trainee Travel Awards

OIRM is happy to support the following trainees with a travel award to support their attendance at TMM2017. 

  • Alexandria Afonso (Szabo Lab, McMaster University)
  • Debasmita Bhattacharya (Scime Lab, York University) 
  • Natasha Chang (Rudniki Lab, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute) 
  • Joshua Dierolf (Betts Lab, Universtiy of Western Ontario)
  • Mirabelle Ho (Stewart Lab, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
  • Suria Jahan (Pineault Lab, Univerity of Ottawa)
  • Pushpinder Kanda (Davis Lab, Ottawa Heart Institute) 
  • Miljan Kuljanin (Hess Lab, Universtiy of Western Ontario )
  • Rohan Nabkarni (Draper Lab, McMaster University)
  •  Auturo Ortin Martinez (Wallace Lab, University of Toronto)


ISSCR 2018; OIRM Travel Award- Applications not yet open