Jim Woodgett

Dr. Jim Woodgett
Director of Research, Lunenfeld-Tanenbum Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital
In his dual roles as Investigator and Director of Research of the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, Jim applies his visionary approach to research into the manipulation of cell processes to treat certain cancers, diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions, and to ensuring that discoveries made by the world-renowned Institute are applied to patient care.
Jim is interested in the causes and treatment of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer Disease and bipolar disorder. What links this apparently broad range of diseases is their common basis in disruption of the lines of communication within the cells, or the signalling pathways. By studying the ways in which components of these pathways are mutated and transformed by disease, Jim can identify new and more effective therapeutic targets. Study of the WNT pathway, which contains a number of genes that account for about 90% of human colon cancer, is a particular area of interest.