OIRM Council

The OIRM Council is a working management council who oversees the day-to-day running and strategic planning of the OIRM. It has representatives from the major active centres across the province.

OIRM Council Members

Harry Atkins Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Mick Bhatia

McMaster University

Jon Draper

McMaster University


Sandra Donaldson

Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine


Penney Gilbert

University of Toronto

David Hill

Lawson Health Research Institute


Kristin Hope

McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute


Gordon Keller

University Health Network


Thomas Koch

University of Guelph


John Laffey

St. Michael’s Hospital

Ren-Ke Li

University Health Network


Michael May

Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine


Cheryle Séguin

Western University



Duncan Stewart

Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine

ernard Thébaud

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


Sowmya Viswanathan

University Health Network

Jing Wang

University of Ottawa



External Advisory Board

The OIRM’s External Advisory Board (EAB) is composed of world-class experts in stem cell and regenerative medicine science.

President and Scientific Director, OIRM

Duncan Stewart

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Duncan Stewart


George Daley

Boston Children’s Hospital, USA


Jeffrey Hubbell

University of Chicago, USA


Douglas Lauffenburger

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Chris Mason

University College London, UK


Kathrin Plath

University of California, USA


Michael Sefton

University of Toronto, Canada


Toshio Suda

Keio University, Japan


Jakub Tolar

University of Minnesota, USA


Fiona Watt

King’s College London, UK




OIRM’s governance model currently encompasses a Board of Directors, External Advisory Board and OIRM Council. The expertise of these board and council members provides strategic leadership as OIRM continues to launch its investments and initiatives.