Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) is not a single entity, but rather describes a group of permanent disorders that cause a range of life-long motor and posture-related impairments. Individuals with CP experience problems controlling motor function, but may also have complications in behaviour, learning, epilepsy, communication, vision, hearing, perception and sensation. The causes of CP are complex and not entirely understood. Treatment often involves exercise, speech and/or occupational therapies, surgery and drugs, but there is no cure.

Currently there are no Health Canada or FDA approved stem cell treatments available for cerebral palsy. Because we do not fully understand the causes of CP, there is much research that yet needs to be done. However, scientists are looking at ways different types of stem cells can be coaxed to help repair the central nervous system that is damaged in CP in hopes that this may lead to a future therapy.

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