SMRTS Series: Infographic Toolkit for Researchers

March 7, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

OIRM is happy to partner with AllerGen as part of our SMRTS series to bring you this seminar on Infographic Toolkit for Researchers with Julia Krolik founder of Art the Science, a non-profit organization facilitating artist residencies in scientific research laboratories across Canada to foster public engagement in art and science.

Presented by webcast only, register here.

Seminar Description: In today’s information saturated, short-attention span society, infographics have become a critical visual communication tool. This webinar highlights the key elements necessary to create effective infographics while providing insights into creative storytelling, how to translate data into readily available messages, and engaging your intended audience through infographic design.

This webinar begins with an introduction to fundamental graphic design theory. In addition, practical strategies for designing visual hooks and key messages, and the steps in the creation of compelling and memorable infographics will be discussed.

Topics: ● Design Basics ● Images and Icons ● Making an Infographic