SMRTS Series: Building a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in science

February 28, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

OIRM is happy to partner with GlycoNet as part of our SMRTS series to bring you this seminar on Building a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion in science with Dr. Imogen Coe, Ryerson University.

Presented by webcast only, register here.

Seminar Description: We hear a lot about equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) these days and as scientists, regardless of gender, ethnicity or other aspects of our humanity, we are all increasingly expected to be able to speak knowledgeably to EDI principles in applications for positions, recruitment to teams, grant writing, teaching and other aspects of our work.  However, there is relatively little training in these areas for young scientists in Canada. Each network participating in the SMRTS program is committed to the professional development of the next generation of scientists and researchers, and so this webinar is aimed at trainees who are interested in developing and improving their core competencies in the area of EDI in science. The whys, where, hows and whats of EDI will be discussed and there will be ample opportunity for questions.