Supporting Promising Research

OIRM is Ontario’s hub for stem cell research and its translation into new products and therapies, representing the entire pipeline from discovery to clinical trials. Our collaborative approach allows us to support a larger number of research projects and clinical trials — which will ultimately result in more cures and new therapies for Canadians and people around the world.

Ontario has long been at the leading edge of in research activities, clinical programs and new commercialization efforts that are moving the field forward. Each year, OIRM provides up to $3.5 million in grants to advance the most promising research, clinical trials and cell manufacturing technologies from across the province.

Our grant programs encompass two broad categories of research:

  • Disease Teams: These are large, collaborative research teams at one or more Ontario institutions focused on translational research for diseases with no known cure and large health and economic burdens. Disease Team projects have typically begun or are within 3-4 years of early phase clinical trials.
  • New Ideas: Targeted projects at the discovery level with a goal to foster cutting-edge research in stem cell biology and/or technology that could have longer-term clinical benefit.

In addition, OIRM supports Fellowship Awards to advance the work of emerging researchers or clinicians working in an OIRM lab and provides numerous opportunities for research trainees to gain valuable skills through workshops, courses and events, thereby bolstering the future strength of life sciences in Ontario.

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