Since being established in November 2014, OIRM has made a serious impact on a budget of approximately $5M per year and a lean (but not mean!) staff of six, supported by five part-time advisors. Highlights include:

  • Partnered to generate leveraged funding of $44.7M (almost 7-fold!) in 2017-2018
  • Funded over $2.5M to support the development of the lead technology that led to the formation of BlueRock Therapeutics in Toronto with an investment of $225M from Bayer and Versant Ventures
  • Provided $7M in funding to support CCRM’s business development and technology platforms leading to seven spin-off companies and two company relocations to Ontario since 2014
  • Collaborated to increase the number of Ontario cell therapy trials from five to 13, including five multi-centre trials across Canada
  • Secured international partnerships with leading academic centres to advance made-in-Ontario technologies globally
  • Invested $8.5M into translational Disease Teams as they move into clinical trials and over $2.1M in discovery-based research to feed the pipeline
  • Catalyzed 97 partnerships with industry, venture capital, universities, academic hospitals and not-for-profits
  • Fostered a robust network across the province, increasing it from 145 programs in 2014 to over 260 programs in 2018, representing a network of over 2,000 scientists, clinicians and HQP

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