Linking Expertise & Infrastructure

OIRM is committed to help research progress from bench to bedside by putting the right partnerships in place to create a streamlined infrastructure.

  • OIRM’s Clinical Translation Initiative identifies and creates supportive mechanisms for pre-clinical research as it moves into clinical trials:
  • OIRM’s Industry Partnership Program engages key regenerative medicine companies to work alongside OIRM on a number of fronts including: securing the supply chain of critical reagents for multi-centre clinical trials at home and internationally, co-development of research and technologies, and investment in clinical trials. Thus far, we have engaged with over 20 industry partners, which have garnered sponsorship of OIRM events and workshops and discounts on products for OIRM researchers.
  • OIRM’s partnership with the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) is leading to new opportunities for Ontario-based cell therapy clinical trials in sepsis and pulmonary hypertension to progress into larger, international studies.
  • OIRM is aligned with Catapult Cell & Gene Therapy in the United Kingdom to explore regulatory and cell manufacturing partnerships to facilitate international clinical trials.