OIRM supports travel awards for Till & McCulloch Meetings

The Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine is pleased to be able to assist nine trainees in attending this year’s Till & McCullloch Meetings in Ottawa.

The Till & McCulloch Meetings brings together Canada’s top scientists and health-care professionals in the regenerative medicine field for education and networking. A joint initiative by Stem Cell Network and CCRM, the meeting provides an incredible opportunity for trainees in Ontario to develop their skills and contacts as they move forward in their careers.

OIRM is pleased to be providing travel awards to:

Mohammad Alam – McMaster University – Bhatia Lab
Wing-Yee Cheung – Toronto Western Hospital – Viswanathan Lab
Tyler Cooper – Western University – Hess Lab
Jina Kum – Western University – Khan Lab
Andrew Powell – Western University – Betts Lab
Fiona Serack – Western University – Flynn Lab
Mirza Shahbaz – McMaster University – Hassell Lab
Kanwaldeep Singh – McMaster University – Szabo Lab
Morgan Stykel – University of Guelph – Ryan Lab

You can find information about additional travel awards, sponsored by Stem Cell Network, Medicine by Design and others on the Stem Cell Network website.

Learn more about the Till & McCulloch Meetings and register to attend!