Our Partners

The Government of Ontario (Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science) announced the establishment of the OIRM with $3M in funding on November 25, 2014. The OIRM is organized as a partnership among the Government of Ontario, Ontario’s academic research centres, the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine and health charities.

The Ontario Advantage

  • World-leading scientific discoveries in stem cell and regenerative medicine with Canada ranking third in the world for impact factor
  • Collaborative network of over 150 research programs including stem cell biologists, tissue engineers and translational clinicians
  • Multidisciplinary Disease Challenge Teams already focused on clinical translation
  • Established commercialization entity with strong links to international industry
  • World-class clinical infrastructure and expertise for implementing cell therapy trials (phase I-III)
  • Process for creating and incubating well-funded spin-offs into the community
  • Favourable philanthropic community and public opinion
  • Thriving international partnerships with China and Japan

The Ontario Opportunity

  • Public-private consortium creating international cell therapy manufacturing hub
  • Creation of companies that:

    • Set-up shop in Ontario
    • Manufacture cells
    • Participate in clinical trials
    • Produce affordable therapies that are reimbursable
    • Create jobs that stick
  • Healthcare system poised to be an early adapter of new therapies
  • Major centre for international clinical trials in stem cell and regenerative medicine