Brad Doble


Profile: Scientist, McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute

Department: Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, McMaster University

Research Interests:

Dr. Doble’s research program is focused on understanding the signaling mechanisms that regulate pluripotency, especially those controlled by the multi-functional protein kinase, glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3). Pluripotent stem cells are inherently tumorigenic. This undesired property must be addressed if pluripotent stem cells are to be used for regenerative medicine applications. To this end, a thorough understanding of the pluripotent state is necessary. GSK-3 has emerged as an important regulator of pluripotency, based on studies with GSK-3 inhibitors, which promote the derivation and sustenance of pluripotent stem cells of mouse, rat and human origin. The mechanisms through which GSK-3 inhibitors impart their effects are unclear due to the involvement of GSK-3 in a broad spectrum of cellular processes.  The Doble lab is using genetic and biochemical approaches to elucidate these mechanisms in mouse and human pluripotent stem cell models. The developmental signaling pathways modulated by GSK-3 are improperly regulated in many human cancers. Thus, Dr. Doble’s research also provides insights into the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and has the potential to unveil new therapeutic targets for cancer treatments.

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