Nilesh Ghugre

Nilesh Ghugre, Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Profile and Department: Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Research Interests:

Dr. Nilesh Ghugre is a Scientist in the Schulich Heart Research Program at Sunnybrook Research Institute and an Assistant Professor in Medical Biophysics at the University of Toronto. His research focus is to develop and validate advanced cardiac MRI biomarkers to characterize the post-infarct (or heart attack) “remodeling” process and determine efficacy of novel therapeutic interventions to prevent heart failure. The MRI tools can probe cardiac pathophysiology parameters such as viability, function, inflammation, hemorrhage, perfusion, strain and microvascular dysfunction. To this end, he is also exploring novel experimental models that represent clinical manifestation of heart disease. Recently, a major focus has been to advance image-guidance technologies for cardiac regenerative medicine. The lab aims to develop MRI-based technologies that will facilitate accurate surgical delivery of cells to the infarct scar and further promote minimally-invasive catheter delivery under MRI guidance. Thus, the platform will not only allow cell delivery but also facilitate imaging host-graft interaction, tissue response and outcomes, all within the same framework.

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