Cheryle Séguin

Profile and Department: Assistant Professor, Physiology and Pharmacology, Western University

Lab: Séguin Lab

Research Interests:

Our research group is focused on unraveling the mechanisms of mammalian stem cell differentiation for potential regenerative medicine applications. Using transgenic technologies and tissue engineering strategies, one research theme is focused on the development of combinatorial approaches to generate pancreas-restricted progenitor cells and their subsequent maturation to functional insulin secreting beta-cells as a strategy for the reversal of diabetes.  In a second research theme, novel tissue-specific Cre mouse models are being employed to examine cell fate determination and undertake a comprehensive analysis of the phenotype of the distinctive cells within the mammalian intervertebral disc.  The long term goal of these studies is the development of bioengineering strategies to exploit the role of tissue specific stem cells for cell-based strategies for spine and skeletal tissue regenerative medicine.

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