Darren Yuen

Profile: Scientist, St. Michael’s Hospital

Department: Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, University of Toronto

Lab: Yuen Lab

Research Interests:

The use of stem and progenitor cells as therapies for chronic kidney disease:
In the past, I was the first to report that adult bone marrow-derived progenitor cells can attenuate the progression of non-diabetic and diabetic chronic kidney disease in rodent models. I further defined the potent anti-fibrotic and pro-angiogenic in vitro effects of these cells. In collaboration with Dr. Richard Gilbert, I am now part of a CIHR-funded team designing a clinical trial testing an adult bone marrow-derived progenitor cell treatment strategy for human diabetic nephropathy.
The role of extracellular matrix in regulating progenitor and stem cell differentiation:
My lab is very interested in how mechanical and chemical features of the extracellular matrix govern cell phenotype, and in particular progenitor cell differentiation.

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