Emilio Alarcon

Emilio Alarcon, Scientist University Heart Institute

Profile and Department: Scientist, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Research Interests:

Dr. Alarcon is the director of the Bio-nanomaterials Chemistry and Engineering Laboratory (BnCE). The laboratory is located in the Research Centre of University of Ottawa Heart Institute. It is affiliated with the Biomaterials and Regenerative Research Program in the Division of Cardiac Surgery. BnCE’s main focus is the development and characterization of bio-inspired hybrid nanomaterials. 3D scaffolds are being fabricated with improved contractile properties and antibacterial properties for the reconstruction of tissues with poor regenerative capabilities like infarcted heart muscle and skin in patients with reduced vascularization (e.g., diabetic foot patients). The laboratory also explores the development of novel corneal replacements using nanocomponents and peptides as functional building blocks.

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