Jason Moffat

Jason Moffat

Profile and Department: Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

Lab: Moffat Lab

Research Interests:

My lab investigates how growth signaling pathways and nucleolar function are perturbed in diseased cells. The platform we are developing combines lentiviral-mediated RNA interference (RNAi) and high-content imaging to identify genes that impinge on growth signaling pathways. This unique blend of technologies is extremely powerful and flexible. My lab is collaborating with the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research to bring large-scale lentiviral-based libraries to the Donnelly Centre as part of the second phase of the RNAi consortium (TRC2). TRC2 is an international consortium consisting of several life-sciences organizations.We will create a production facility for making lentiviral-based RNAi reagents designed to knock out specific human and mouse genes that may be involved in cancer development. We will use these reagents within this facility to perform high-throughput and high-content screens to analyze sets of genes involved in cancer signaling pathways or pathways influencing infectious disease.

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