Marc Jeschke

Profile: Senior Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Department: Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery and Immunology, University of Toronto
Research Interests: 
Dr. Jeschke’s research program is focused on two major areas of study: 1) stem cells and skin regeneration; 2) immune-metabolic changes of burn. In the first group, stem cell and skin regeneration, the aim is to identify novel mechanisms how dermal mesenchymal stem cells alter burn healing. Additionally, using different sources of stem cells we aim to create a skin substitute that can be used for burn patients. Finding new sources of stem cells and their combination together with an optimal approach to print the cells in a 3D format is another major focus of this area. As burn survival is inversely linked to the profound hypermetabolic response after injury the aim of the immune-metabolism section is to identify cellular and molecular alterations causing hypermetabolism, e.g. endoplasmic reticulum stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, all of which mainly occur in the liver. Based on these fundamental pathophysiologic alterations his group also study novel treatment perturbations that can effectively mediate profound metabolic alterations in burn patients. Lastly, they also study the role and function of the communication between the different metabolic organs (mainly liver and adipose tissue) and inflammatory cells in the installation of hypermetabolism and its complications.

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