Michael Wheeler

Michael Wheeler

Profile: Senior Scientist, University Health Network

Department: Physiology, University of Toronto

Research Interests

Our research is focused on developing novel strategies to treat Type1 and Type 2 diabetes using multidisciplinary approaches, which combine information gained from genetic models of diabetes, genomics/proteomics, molecular biology and cell biology. Defects in pancreatic endocrine function are central factors in the pathology of diabetes. As such, we are currently investigating several avenues of research that explore pancreatic islet function in both healthy and diseased states. These include the role oxidative stress, reactive oxygen species and uncoupling proteins in the development of diabetes. We also explore the roles of membrane bound proteins like transporter, ion channels and receptors on pancreatic islet function. Another major thrust of our research is to work closely with stem cell biologists in Toronto to produce and characterize stem cell-derived beta cells for potential use in treating Type 1 diabetes.

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