Olivia Rissland

Olivia Rissland, Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute


ProfileScientist, The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute

Department: Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

Research Interests:

My lab investigates the fundamental mechanisms that control gene expression with a focus on mRNA decay. We approach gene expression from the view of understanding how an mRNA exists in the cell—not just as a linear sequence of nucleotides, but as a transcript bound by a host of proteins, each of which with the capacity to impact gene expression. We a combination of genome-wide approaches and classical molecular biology techniques and has three overarching goals. First, we wish to understand the molecular mechanisms of mRNA decay from the perspective of mRNA-protein complexes. Second, we want to dissect how early development, differentiation and diseases, such as cancer, modulate mRNA decay. Finally, we aim to leverage our insights for rationally designing mRNA-based therapeutics.

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