Paul Frankland

Paul Frankland

Profile: Senior Scientist, SickKids Research Institute

Department: Physiology, University of Toronto

Lab: Frankland Lab

Research Interests:

The general goal of our research program is to understand how our brains normally encode, store and retrieve information. By combining mouse-genetic, molecular biology, immunohistochemical and behavioral approaches we currently focus on two major questions:

  • First, to understand how memories are initially encoded in the hippocampus, and, in particular, how adult neurogenesis might contribute to this process.
  • Second, to understand how these memories are subsequently transformed into lifelong (or remote) memories in the cortex for long-term storage.

Understanding how these basic processes work is an essential stepping-stone in developing more effective treatment strategies for memory dysfunction, whether associated with normal aging, disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, or resulting from stroke or trauma

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