Saeid Amini-Nik


Profile: Junior Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute and Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Our lab focuses on skin stem cells and tries to use them for skin regeneration. Our team employs different in vitro and in vivo approaches to enlighten the process of healing post injury, identify and track the fate of cell(s) that contribute to the healing. Particularly, we are interested in determining the fate decision of progenitor cells that contribute to the healing. This work is done by using reporter animals that we have generated and the implementation of efficient gain/loss of function techniques within candidate cell types.

Moreover, using different sources of stem cells in the lab, we aim to create a “skin substitute” that can be used for burn patients. In collaboration with chemical engineering scientists, we use a multi-disciplinary approach, to develop microscale and nanoscale technologies with the ultimate goal of generating “skin substitute” by controlling stem cell behavior.

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