Stephen Juvet

Harry Atkins

Profile: Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Research Institute

Department: Medicine, University of Toronto

Research Interests:

Lung transplantation has the poorest outcome of all solid organ transplants, due to a high rate of chronic lung allograft dysfunction (CLAD).  Work in the laboratory is conducted on mouse and rat models of lung transplantation and on human samples.  Dr. Juvet’s research is focused on three primary areas: 1) Determining how pulmonary antigen-presenting and immunoregulatory cells influence the development of anti-donor responses within the lung and the pathogenesis of CLAD, with the goal of modulating these processes to promote graft acceptance; 2) determining how pulmonary tertiary lymphoid structures are formed following lung transplantation and contribute to CLAD; 3) assessing how ischemia-reperfusion injury and other early allograft events influence the recipient’s immune response to the lung allograft, with a view to intervening at this stage to prevent CLAD development.  Finally, Dr. Juvet is also interested in developing novel immunodiagnostic methods to better predict the outcome of transplantation and the effectiveness of immunosuppressive therapy.

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