Yan Burelle

Yan Burelle, Professor, University of Ottawa

Profile and Department: Professor, Department of cellular and molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa

Research Interests:

The central interest of Dr. Burelle’s laboratory is to integrate multiple facets of mitochondrial biology to gain a global understanding of the importance of these organelles in physiological homeostasis, and development of human diseases, including acquired cardiac and skeletal muscle pathologies as well as genetic mitochondrial diseases. His laboratory has developed an expertise in the assessment of multiple mitochondrial functions and quality control mechanisms in isolated organelles, intact and permeabilized cells and human/mice tissues. Mitochondrial biology is a topic of growing interest in the field of regenerative medicine as it is becoming increasingly clear that these organelles play central role in determining stem cell fate and repair capacity. Dr Burelle is interested in exploring the impact of MSCs on host cell mitochondrial biology, and evaluating the therapeutic potential of MSCs and MSC-derived biological for genetic mitochondrial disorders

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