Zia Khan

Profile: Associate Scientist, Children’s Health Research Institute

Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Western University

Lab: Khan Lab

Research Interests:

Our research focuses on the mechanisms of vascular stem cell differentiation and postnatal blood vessel formation in physiological and pathological conditions.  We are studying chronic diabetes and infantile hemangioma as model systems to understand the mechanisms of adult vascular stem cell differentiation.  These model systems represent extremes in a continuum of vascular stem cell activity ranging from impaired (chronic diabetes) to unregulated (hemangioma) vasculogenesis.  Uncovering the signals that regulate vascular stem cell number and differentiation will allow us to develop better treatment options for pro- and anti-angiogenic therapies. Our specific projects include

  1. Understanding the origin of endothelial and mesenchymal cells.
  2. Delineating the mechanisms that regulate hemangioma stem cell differentiation into functional vascular endothelial cells.
  3. Understanding the mechanisms of infantile hemangioma regression.
  4. Understanding the alteration of vascular stem cells in chronic diabetes.
  5. Investigating the vasculogenic potential of stem cells isolated from diabetic patients.

PubMed Research Publications